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Council Members of the ESAI

The council members of the ESAI is made up of the following people.

Chairperson: Dr. Frances Lucy

Photo of ESAI Regular Member

Dr. Frances Lucy is Head of Department of Environmental Science at the Institute of Technology, Sligo. As a researcher, she is Director of CERIS, the Centre for Environmental Research Innovation and Sustainability at IT Sligo. Her main research interests are aquatic invasive species, fisheries science and human waterborne pathogens. She is involved in a range of international invasive species forums in both Europe and North America. Frances is a Board member of Inland Fisheries Ireland.

email: chairperson@esaiweb.org

Vice-Chairperson: currently vacant

Secretary: Dr Kevin Ryan

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Dr Kevin Ryan is a graduate of University College Cork (B.Sc. Earth Science, Ph.D.) and the University of Ulster (M.Sc. Environmental Management). He has been working for some time with Cork City Council where he works in the area of waste management and recycling. He is currently part of the team restoring and rehabilitating the old city landfill site at Kinsale Road, Cork. As part of his work he completed a Ph.D. on the treatment of landfill leachate using natural systems with the Department of Geology, University College Cork.

email: secretary@esaiweb.org

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Honorary Treasurer: Liam McCarton

email: treasurer@esaiweb.org

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Honorary Editor: currently vacant

Assistant Editor: currently vacant

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Communications Officer: Mr Declan Feeney

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Declan Feeney is a lecturer in the Department of Environmental Science at the Institute of Technology, Sligo.

A practitioner in distance learning and e-learning, having graduated in environmental science and technology, he has worked across disciplines including resource management, energy management, ecological management and manufacturing technology and technology systems. He has delivered major environmental and technological projects in the public and private sector. Declan currently lectures on full-time and open distance learning courses at IT Sligo.

Currently his research activities include the modelling and management of climate events and their impact on public health and the transition of society to low-carbon sustainable models.

email: communications@esaiweb.org

Joint Conference Coordinator 2018: Dr Joe Harrington

Dr. Joe Harrington is Head of School of Building & Civil Engineering at Cork Institute of Technology. He was educated at University College Cork (BE, PhD) and the University of California, Berkeley (MS). He is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of Engineers Ireland. He leads the Sustainable Infrastructure Research & Innovation Group at Cork Institute of Technology. His own research interests include sediment behaviour, modelling and management in the river, estuarine and coastal environments where he has led and coordinated a wide range of national and internationally funded research projects.

He has served as External Examiner for both Taught Programmes and Research Theses across the Institute of Technology and University Sectors in Ireland. He is a member of the EPA Dumping at Sea National Advisory Committee and a member of the Accreditation Board of Engineers Ireland.

email: joe.harrington@cit.ie

Joint Conference Coordinator 2018: Dr Niamh Power

Photo of ESAI Chairperson

Dr. Niamh Power is a Lecturer in Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering, in Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland.

She received an honours degree in Civil & Structural Engineering coming top of her class, before being awarded with a highly esteemed Irish Research Scholarship to pursue her PhD in the area of biogas as a transport fuel. She is an active member of the Sustainable Infrastructure Research & Innovation Group. Her interests are; biogas, anaerobic digestion, renewable energy from wastes & crops, transport & CHP, Life Cycle Analysis and policies & drivers for change.

email: niamh.power@cit.ie

Conference Coordinator 2017: Dr Andy Fogarty

Photo of ESAI Conference

Dr. Andy Fogarty lectures Ecotoxicology and Microbiology in the Department of Life and Physical Science, Athlone Institute of Technology.

He also is a senior researcher in the Biosciences Research Institute, AIT. He is a graduate of University College Galway (BSc, Microbiology and PhD) and The Ohio State University (MSc, Environmental Microbiology). His main research interests are multi-trophic ecotoxicity assessment of environmental toxicants; histopathological analyses of the effects of EDCs in Fish and ecotoxicological assessment of novel wastewater treatment technologies. He serves as external examiner for several universities and is a Toxicology technical advisor to the Irish National Accreditation Board for laboratories seeking accreditation under the International Standards Organisation requirements for the competence of testing and calibration of laboratories (ISO 17025).

email: conference@esaiweb.org

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Conference Coordinator 2019: Dr Thomae Kakouli-Duarte

Photo of ESAI Conference

Dr. Thomaé Kakouli-Duarte is one of the founding members and the current Research Leader of EnviroCORE. Thomaé has a PhD in the biological control of the black vine weevil (Otiorhynchus sulcatus), using entomopathogenic nematodes (EPN) in strawberries from the University of Reading (UK), and postdoctoral experience in quarantine fruit fly (tephritids) molecular diagnostics from NUIM. Subsequently, and after her arrival in ITC, she has become an international expert in the field of environmental nematology, leading and coordinating a landmark publication in the field and the only text book internationally available entitled “Nematodes as Environmental Indicators”. She has led and coordinated a COST Action submission in the same area, and established and steered two relevant international congresses, under the auspices of the Association of Applied Biologists (in 2007, in Heriot-Watt University, Edinburg, UK and in 2012, in Ghent University, Belgium), with the 3rd being in preparation and planned for 2017.

Membership Officer: Ms. Sinead Macken

c/o Ms. Sinead Macken / Administrator
Stonehaven, Moy Road, Kinvara, Co. Galway.

email: administrator@esaiweb.org

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Webmaster: Dr. Adrian Corcoran

email: webmaster@esaiweb.org

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Regular Members

Dr Dorothy Stewart

Photo of ESAI Regular Member

Dorothy Stewart has a background in political science, human geography, sociology and sustainable development with a knowledge and understanding of Irish and EU governance systems, key planning and development policy and strategy, behaviour change and Futures studies. She has lectured on resource management planning and worked for several years in the private sector. Dorothy worked in the Environmental Education Unit of An Taisce, the National Trust for Ireland from 2008 as the Manager of the Green Home Programme before joining the EPA Research Team in August 2014.

Dorothy has a Masters degree in Sustainable Development and her PhD research examined the concept of Smart Growth as an alternative methodological and philosophical approach to urban development within the context of planning and development in Ireland. Dorothy has participated on the Trinity College Dublin ‘Consensus’ research on sustainable consumption and behaviour change since 2009 and was invited to be a member of the advisory panel for ‘Consensus II’ on behalf of Trinity College Dublin in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency. Dorothy believes there is a need to gain more insight into the process of behaviour change as a means to understand the value-action/attitude-behaviour gap that exists. Fundamental to this is role of Education for Sustainable Development and importantly how sustainability is communicated in a more resource conscious 21st century.

email: d.stewart@epa.ie

Early Stage Researcher Representative: Mr Christopher Finnegan

Photo of ESAI Council Member

Christopher Finnegan, completed an BSc (Hons) in Environmental science in 2014 and also received a degree in Analytical and Forensic science in 2013 from Carlow IT. Christopher, is currently a doctoral student at IT Carlow’s enviroCORE research centre were his work focuses on the bioremediation of tributyltin (TBT) in Irish marine sediments. Christopher’s research interests includes a diversity of topics: phytoremediation, bioremediation and gas chromatography analyses. Specifically the use of micro-organisms to remove or degrade environmental pollutants. He instructs in both Bio and Analytical science subjects and is also involved in a number of undergraduate research projects. His academic achievements to date include winner of ESAI researcher of the year 2016, winner of best student oral presentation at ISEH conference 2016 and the publication of his first paper in the International Journal of Environmental Bioremediation & Biodegradation titled “Gas Chromatographic Approach to Evaluate the Efficacy of Organotin Degrading Microbes”.

email: christopher.finnegan@itcarlow.ie

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Dr. Thomas Curran

Photo of ESAI Chairperson

Dr. Tom Curran is a graduate of UCD's Engineering programme, holding a BE (Ag & Food), MEngSc (Environmental Engineering) and a PhD in Biosystems Engineering. He has worked in production and environmental management in the food industry for a number of years before returning to UCD as a staff member in the Biosystems and Food Engineering discipline.

His main research interests are in the measurement, abatement and dispersion modelling of odour and other gases from the agrifood and waste management industries. His work also incorporates fat, oil and grease (FOG) waste and sustainable water management. Dr. Curran co-ordinates the MSc Environmental Technology degree programme at UCD. He served as Chair of the Environmental Sciences Association from 2014-16.

email: tom.curran@ucd.ie

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Dr Caroline Wynne

Photo of ESAI Mmeber

Dr Caroline Wynne is an environmental scientist with a PhD in aquatic ecology. She is a Senior Ecologist with RPS Group Ltd. Caroline has expertise in Water Framework Directive assessment methods for lakes and rivers through her work with the Environmental Protection Agency's Lakes Unit, both as a researcher and as a consultant. Her research interests are applied in nature and have led to international collaborations through a Fulbright Scholar award. She tweets environmental science with a freshwater angle from @wynne_caroline

Dr John Gallagher

Photo of ESAI Mmeber

John is Asst Prof in Energy & Environmental Systems Modelling in the School of Engineering at Trinity College Dublin. His research interests lie in delivering innovative solutions to current environmental and energy challenges, and adopting a circular economy approach in the life cycle of measurement, modelling and mitigation. He's currently Co-I on several European projects, and is actively involved in research dissemination, doctoral education programmes and outreach initiatives.

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